The Sustainable Climate Impact Fund (SCIF) is a pioneering social enterprise set up by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) to improve health, wellbeing and the environment through targeted community-based projects.

Our vision.

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Solutions through partnerships

We're building on LSHTM’s knowledge and expertise in global health and working in partnership with communities affected by climate change to deliver sustainable solutions. These solutions will provide health, socio-economic and environmental benefits that can also generate carbon credits for offsetting.

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Ethical offsetting opportunity

We help organisations towards achieving ethical and sustainable carbon reduction goals by partnering with us in a scheme that offers real social impact for positive change.

Our projects.

Projects in the scheme are being carefully chosen and independently verified to ensure they meet local and environmental needs in ways that bring health, wellbeing and long-term socio-economic benefits.

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Safe water

LSHTM is proud of this initiative. The SCIF builds on our sustainability work in a positive and ethical way – and provides other organisations with an opportunity to work with us to improve the wellbeing of people and planet.
Professor Liam Smeeth, Director of LSHTM

Why the SCIF.

LSHTM set up the Sustainable Climate Impact Fund to improve people’s health and wellbeing in ways that also address the effects of climate change and support its carbon management strategy. The SCIF provides a vehicle for organisations looking to reduce carbon emissions in an ethical way by offering an exciting opportunity to partner with us. You can be part of a solution that makes a positive and sustainable impact on communities in Africa.

  • Sustainable support for communities
  • Helps towards your net zero goals
  • Ethical, credible way to offset residual emissions
  • Different partnership options available
Who are we?