The SCIF takes a uniquely tailored approach to projects to ensure they bring benefits to people and planet as well as providing carbon credits.

Carbon offsetting is only recommended for emissions that are unavoidable. It should be integrated into net zero plans as part of a controlled process of emissions reduction. In order to buy credits, partners will need to calculate and get independently verified the residual annual emissions resulting from their operations – essentially how much CO2 do you have in your accounts that you need to ‘remove’ by offsetting?

We are keen to work with organisations who are looking to take responsibility for their emissions in this way and join us in this initiative. If that sounds like you, we would be happy to discuss your requirements and find the right solution.

Main partnership options.


Programme Partner

For organisations looking for long-term commitment as part of their net zero strategy.

This long-term model means partners are not tied to specific projects. Instead they invest upfront in the programme as a whole. This means they can shape and accelerate development of projects and speed up the positive impact on communities. Partners can begin drawing carbon credits at an agreed time.

  • Long-term partnership
  • Upfront investment in the overall programme
  • Help shape and accelerate the scheme
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Specific Project Partner

For organisations looking for direct return linked to individual projects.

In this model, partners can invest upfront in a specific project. This means they will be able to draw carbon credits for as long as the project generates them. Larger scale injection of funding will allow the SCIF to create bigger, more impactful projects sooner.

  • Investment tied directly to a project
  • Access to carbon credits from that project
  • Speed up the development and impact of projects
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For individuals and smaller organisations looking to buy carbon credits on an ad hoc basis.

In this model, individual researchers or other partners could offset their travel emissions.

  • Ad hoc purchase of carbon credits
  • No upfront or long-term commitment
  • Only available when programme is sufficiently developed
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